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We have been called to serve 100,000 Entrepreneurs, Experts, and Company Leaders

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Introducing Funneltopia®...

  • More Leads! Build Proven Funnels that Grow Your List and Fill Your Sales Pipeline...
  • More Sales! 2 Way Calling & SMS to Communicate and Convert More Leads...
  • More Time! Create Automations To Help Manage Your Communication...
  • More Access! Work from anywhere with our App & Cloud Software...
  • More You! Focus on growing your business, not managing your business...
  • More Freedom! Give yourself the one tool that will help your business run itself, so you don't have to...

The Last Software You'll Ever Need To Buy!

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the #1 thing we hear the most...

"i don't have enough time!"

The problem is that they are duct-taping several different systems together to create their marketing machine. Of course, it all works, yet you're spending hundreds of hours taping those systems together. Then, you have to go and actually build the funnel that connects all of these different points of contact.

Sure! You can hire someone off of Fiverr to do the work for you. Then you have another time-consuming task of checking the spelling, grammar and making sure it reads as you wrote it. Now you just created the same problem with a different solution.

  • If I told you that you can get your funnel, all your contacts, scheduling system, follow-ups, and sales all in one system...
  • Create more time to do the things you want to do...
  • Put your business on autopilot...
  • And help more people...

Would you do it?

finally, a software that saves you time, money, and gives you more freedom!

Build New Relationships!

Funneltopia is a Full Suite Platform built for YOU!

Included in Funneltopia is a full-featured Page Builder to capture leads and make more sales. Get access to hundreds of proven templates!


Our intuitive platform allows you to create full-featured websites with custom menus. Create high-performing and captivating landing pages all in one place!


Built right in is the ability to capture leads through Surveys and capture forms. You can integrate directly with our page builder or embed them on your own sites.


The major step for any business is to capture appointments and request appointments. We've built our own calendar application within Funneltopia so you can capture the appointment all in one straightforward flow.

turn them into raving fans!

The backbone of Funneltopia is what you are able to accomplish after you make them a fan.


Our Multi-channel follow-up workflows allow you to automate engaging conversations and capture those responses from your clients.


Funneltopia allows you to connect with your clients through Phone Connect, Voicemail Drops, SMS/MMS, Emails, and even Facebook Messenger.


Our full-featured mobile app allows you to communicate with your leads on all devices.

keep them engaged with memberships!

Create a thriving community for your clients by using our Membership Platform.


Build Full Courses with unlimited video hosting and unlimited users.


With our full course and membership feature, you can sell courses or offer courses for free, all in one product!


Funneltopia offers unlimited users, offers, and products for your courses. You can create courses for your clients without having to worry about limitations or hosting videos on some expensive platform!

join the revolution!

hundreds of businesses have already started their journey to more time and freedom

"This is a tool that, as a business owner, I am confident will work every time."


"The campaigns are so simple & easy to create... It's unbelievable."


"This is like a follow-up nurture sequence on steroids."


"Best Marketing Automation platform for small and medium enterprises."


"A very powerful software that helps us save time, automate processes, scale the business."


"I have used different marketing automation platforms and Paddy is now the only one!."


Funneltopia® is breakthrough technology...

that saves you time and money by combining everything you use right now!

funnel designer/website builder ($297+/mo Value)

  • Unlimited Funnels - Think Clickfunnels - average cost $297 per month
  • Unlimited Websites- Think Wordpress - average cost $49 per month plus the cost of all those fancy plugins

Email Marketing ($115+/Mo Value)

  • Unlimited Contacts - Like Active Campaign - average cost $115 - $300
  • 10,000 Emails Per Month - Like Mail Chimp - average cost $115 per month

Relationship Management ($149+/Mo Value)

  • Automated follow up via text, email, or voice drops. Unlimited users and contacts. This replaces Pipedrive, SalesForce or Close.io that runs $149 a month.

Search Listing Management ($495+/Mo Value)

  • To get your business seen, you need to get found. With our Search Listing management you'll be able to get your business listed in as many as 70+ Business and Community Directories. Many companies charge $495+/mo for this service alone.

Direct Mailer Promotions ($999+/Mo Value)

  • We know the value of sending something a gift in the mail. With our Direct Mailer Promotion system you'll be able to send postcards, newsletters, and even gifts.

now for the nerdy stuff...

these features will not be found inside any other software!

ad tracking ($500+/mo Value)

  • Facebook & Google API to get better performance with your ads, no limit on revenues tracked. Hyros costs a whopping $10k!

calendar booking ($45+/Mo Value)

  • Unlimited Users and Calendars. Like Acuity or Calendly $45 a month.

Text Message marketing ($49+/Mo Value)

  • The ability to text clients automatically as part of your follow-up! Text messages get a 98% open rate vs. emails 23%. EZTexting is $49 a month.

Form and quiz builder ($30+/Mo Value)

  • Multistage applications fully integrated for email, text, and voicedrop follow-ups. REMOVE unqualified applicants automatically! Gravity Forms, Wufoo Forms, TypeForm $30 a month.

messenger bot ($29+/Mo Value)

  • Contact prospects through Facebook and Instagram Messenger. Unlimited contacts. ManyChat $29 a month.

website and funnel hosting ($50+/Mo Value)

  • Run your site and funnels from a central location without the extra expense. HostGator $50 a month.

Memberships ($99+/Mo Value)

  • Create an UNLIMITED number of membership programs in your account. You can give them away for free, charge a one time fee, or even create recurring income with a subscription! This replaces Thinkific, LearnDash, and more... normally $99+/mo.

Social media Management ($29+/Mo Value)

  • Managing your social media has never been easier. You can post to Facebook, Instagram, Google (and soon Twitter, TikTok & LinkedIn) without ever leaving the platform. Optimize your time posting on social and get rid of platforms like Hootsuite & Buffer. A $29+/mo value.

Affiliate & Referral Management ($99+/Mo Value)

  • Growth comes down to traffic, and the easiest traffic to convert are referrals. With our state of the art affiliate system you can easily manage your affiliates and give them everything they need to succeed. This replaces platforms like First Promoter. A $99+/mo Value.

and so much more...

all of this can cost you more than $2997 a month

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You can try to duct tape together ALL of the different platforms needed to make your funnel work.

Here's the thing, you have to manage and troubleshoot ALL of those different platforms.

That makes NO sense If you’re growing your business...

Not financially, not time wise, and certainly not sanity-wise!

but wait... there's more!

yeah, i said it...

the biggest problem with new technology...

is learning how to use it (and most of the time we try to do it alone)!

I want to make sure that you have everything you need to experience incredible results as quickly as possible. So we're throwing in:

The Funneltopia Team: We have 100+ hours every month of coaching & office hours where we provide Done-For/With-You Services to all of our clients. When you sign up you'll get an hour to have our team privately coach you through the system, if you need more we offer a Jumpstart package and addition support upon request.

The Funneltopia Training & Support Center: We'll walk you through step-by-step on how to build your funnel, set up your emails that keep your clients engaged, follow up with text messages that inspire and keep them coming back for more.

The Funneltoipa Community: This will be your place to ask questions and talk about what you’re building, the results you're getting, and celebrate with other Funneltoipans™️. We’ve found that communities like The Funneltopia™️ are the best all-around support structure for succeeding and... we can’t wait for you to be there as part of our family.

And More Surprise Bonuses!